Comments from Readers

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Comment from Albert Dahlberg, M.D., PhD. Professor Emeritus, Brown University Medical School

"A very useful book for patients and physicians seeking answers to how to control known (and particularly unknown) allergens.  It addresses the issue of cross-reactivity, how to identify such potential antigens and avoid unanticipated allergic reactions".

Comment from Horticulturist Tom Ogren

"New, important, game-changing.  Every allergist, nurse, and wellness coach should buy, read and use Sue Killian's totally remarkable exploration of allergic cross-reactivity." Thomas Leo Ogren, author of The Allergy-Fighting Garden, Ten Speed Press & Random House Publishers.

Comment from Kara Fitzgerald, N.D. Sandy Hook Clinic of Integrative Medicine, Newtown Connecticuit.  Faculty member at Institute of Functional Medicine

" Globally, allergies are on the rise in all patient populations.  Along with this increasing incidence of allergic disease, we're also seeing a rise in allergic cross-reactivity.  Without sufficiently identifying and addressing cross-reactions in our patients, they continue to suffer. Ms. Killian has done a superb job articulating the current science (and contributing her own impressive body of research) around allergen cross-reactivity.  This book is a great reference tool for any clinician treating individuals with allergic disease who is looking for better patient outcomes".

Comment from William J. Weirs, M.D. FAAEM.  The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, N. Charleston, SC.

"Antigen cross-reactivity is an extremely important and often overlooked phenomenon that adds complication to the treatment of an allergic patient.  Sue Killian's work represents a large step forward into the understanding of antigen cross-reactivity."